Our Values

At Wolfe Research, we produce research that we believe is the most objective and distinguished in our sectors, and we deliver our services with intense care and specificity to each of our institutional clients. Wolfe Research does not try to be all things to all clients, but we do aim to be the best at everything we do.

Wolfe Research strives for excellence in every aspect of our business—research, service, mentorship, and growth. “Wolves” value integrity, hard work, determination, commitment, and the drive to be better. We are dedicated to social equity and Wolfe believes that diversity among people, including that of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, and all other unique characteristics that make us different, makes us stronger and our research more compelling.

Our employees have developed and continue to evolve our Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Wolfe Cares Outreach Program. These groups aim to improve and expand our internal culture while simultaneously examining and enhancing our impact on the greater community.

Thoughts From Our Founder

25 May 2023

Note from Ed Wolfe to our Valued Friends and Clients on Wolfe Research’s 15th Anniversary

New York, May 25, 2023 – We are now well into the second decade of our journey of building Wolfe Research. As we pass our 15th anniversary as a firm, I wanted to share some of the reasons why we started Wolfe, how our purpose has evolved, and where we are headed.

01 Nov 2022

Response to a Recent Rise in Antisemitic Remarks and Actions by Our Founder…

As I am sure you are all aware, a high-profile celebrity, Kanye West, has recently made a string of antisemitic comments and continues to speak out against the Jewish population.

24 May 2022

Ed’s Comments on Morning Meeting after Recent Back-to-back Shooting Tragedies

I wanted to jump on before we start the second day of our transport conference and from the volatile and scary stock markets we have been witnessing these past several months, and take a moment for us to put things in perspective.

22 Oct 2021

It’s Not Easy Running an Independent Research Firm — But Ed Wolfe Has It Figured Out

How Wolfe and other veterans of the All-America Research Team built their own research empires — and why they would (or wouldn’t) do it all again.

22 Apr 2021

Hope for a Turning Point

Earlier this week former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd. While many people, including me, feel relief at this verdict, the decision does not bring George Floyd back to life and it is telling that we live in a nation where a verdict like this would ever be in question. This case’s conclusion does not mark an end to the deeply rooted inequities that exist in our country and the racism and unconscious bias that permeate our structures and systems — but it’s a constructive development.

21 Jul 2020

Wolfe Research To Expand After Nomura Alliance

Ed Wolfe, founder and managing partner Wolfe Research, said the research provider will expand coverage and be able to distribute its research in Japan following the alliance with Nomura Group, the Japanese bank. Last week the two firms announced a strategic alliance to combine Wolfe’s research with equity trading offered by Instinet, the agency broker owned by Nomura.

05 Jun 2020

Say His Name…A Message from Our Founder, Ed Wolfe

This week has been fraught with anger, frustration, fear and violence across our country. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder—pre-ceded by the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others—there is nothing that can be said to assuage the injustice felt by so many in the African-American community. To everyone, but especially my Black colleagues at Wolfe and my Black family and friends, Black lives matter. I’m with you.