Execution Services

Wolfe Research, LLC and Nomura Group’s Strategic Alliance provides institutional and corporate clients with a suite of industry-leading capabilities that leverage the award-winning strengths of both firms. The Strategic Alliance with Nomura provides clients with access to a full suite of execution services as well as options and derivatives execution capabilities. These offerings are provided via Instinet LLC, Nomura Securities International, Inc., and Nomura Global Financial Products, Inc., respectively.

As part of the Strategic Alliance announced in July 2020, Wolfe’s top-ranked content paired with Instinet’s leading agency-model execution and Nomura’s* US equity products and derivatives trading capabilities provide our clients with the superior caliber solutions they deserve.

As the execution services arm of the Nomura Group, Instinet provides independent, agency-model brokerage services to clients throughout the world. In January 2021, the members of Wolfe’s former sales trading team joined Instinet, LLC, and will be able to make an even more expansive array of execution services capabilities available to Wolfe Research clients introduced to Instinet. We believe this change will help us to provide maximum value and in-depth product knowledge to our clients. For more information, please visit www.instinet.com.

To connect with Wolfe Research on these offerings, please contact execution@wolferesearch.com.

*Nomura Securities International, Inc. and Nomura Global Financial Products, Inc.

Nomura’s US best-in-class equities and derivates service and trading products.

  • Listed Options
    • OTC Options
  • Basket Swaps
    • Single Stock Photos
    • Portfolio Swaps / Financing


Instinet’s leading agency-model execution capabilities:

  • High Touch Cash Trading
  • Portfolio Trading
  • Low Touch / Electronic Trading
  • Access to unique pools of liquidity, including Instinet’s BlockCross



Other ways to pay for Wolfe’s top-ranked US Equity Research, including:

  • Hard Dollar Check
  • RPA Check
  • Commission Sharing Agreement



WR Securities, LLC (FINRA CRD: 151850) is the affiliated broker dealer of Wolfe Research, LLC.

Disclosure of Routing

SEC Rule 606 requires broker-dealers that route customer orders in equities and option securities to publish reports that provide an overview of their routing practices. Specifically, Rule 606(b)(3) allows our customers to request a report which indicates the execution venues to which their individual “not held” orders were routed for the prior six months. This report will be provided to our customers at no charge to them.

If you are a customer of Wolfe Research Securities and would like to receive a copy of your 606(a)3 report, please send a request to Compliance@WolfeResearch.com.

Trade Confirmation Information

For Wolfe Research Securities’ full trade confirmation details, see TRADE Confirmation Backer.