Trading Capabilities

Wolfe Research Securities (WRS), the broker-dealer affiliate of Wolfe Research, LLC engages in agency equity trading through its highly-focused, service intensive trading desks located in New York City (Headquarters), Boston, MA and Stamford, CT.


WRS offers Cash Equities Trading and Program Trading (PT) capabilities in the United States and Canada. WRS also has the ability to conduct trading business in Australia through an introducing broker arrangement. For Canadian clients wishing to transact Canadian equities in Canada, WRS facilitates through the referral program by partnering with ITG. Additionally, WRS participates in the Sponsored Broker Programs of BIDS and Liquidnet.


WRS employs a full suite of algorithms for trade execution including WRS’s proprietary algorithm which provides the ability to customize for client preferences.


Wolfe’s excellence in fundamental equity research and timely market commentary allow our experienced trading desk to provide comprehensive unbiased trading coverage to our buy-side trading counterparts, in a client focused agency only model.


Since we do not take trading positions as a firm, we always act exclusively for our clients.


For more information regarding Wolfe Research Securities trading capabilities, please contact:
Matt Lahey
Director, Trading Desk Manager
(646) 582-9212


Disclosure of Order Routing Information
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s client disclosure rule, SEC Rule 606, requires all broker/dealers that route orders in equity securities to make quarterly reports available that present a general overview of their routing practices. The reports must identify the significant venues to which the client orders were routed for execution during the applicable quarter and disclose the material aspects of the broker/dealer’s relationship with such venues. The most recent such quarterly report for Wolfe Research Securities may be found by accessing the following link:


Trade Confirmation Information
For Wolfe Research Securities’ full trade confirmation details, see TRADE Confirmation Backer:



Wolfe Research Securities is a registered broker dealer and member of  FINRA and  SIPC.