Shippers & Logistics Managers

If you are a traffic manager and purchase rail, truck, airfreight, parcel, ocean freight, or warehouse capacity, this page is for you! Wolfe Research wants to have an ongoing dialogue with you. We promise an anonymous setting in which you can from time to time catch up on the industry and the freight economy by phone or email. We also offer research products that target shippers. These are free to traffic managers in exchange for your continued insights and participation in our quarterly shippers survey.

For samples of our work, please click these links for PDF copies of a typical Quarterly Shippers Survey and a typical Friday Freight note:

3Q11 State of the Freight - Quarterly Shipper Survey Results

Friday Freight (05/30/2008)

If you wish to have a dialogue with us or participate in the Wolfe Research quarterly shipper surveys in exchange for our services, please complete the form below.

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