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Currently Wolfe covers only seven sectors, but we believe that our relatively strong showing in this poll reflects that
quality of what we do cover and our commitment to value–added research. Wolfe Research does not seek to cover
every sector, but we will always hold ourselves to best–in–class standards in each of our research verticals. We strive
for excellence in every facet of our business, and we will continue to differentiate ourselves by maintaining the highest
standards for effort, client service, thoughtfulness, and integrity. In February 2013, Wolfe Research was named by
Business Insider as one of the top 16 Wall Street firms where employees want to work.

Our goal is not to cover all sectors but to be the best and most differentiated thinkers in the sectors we do cover. We
intend to continue to selectively add top, differentiated research coverage in other sectors each year. To inquire further
about Wolfe Research and to have us get in contact with you, please provide your contact info below.

If you prefer, you may call us on our general sales line at (646) 845-0710.


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